Camille Haggar, BA, BEd, MET


Camille started teaching with the Calgary Board of Education 2005. She has always taught in French Immersion programs and has taught grades 1 through 9 at three different schools. Her background includes graduate studies in the field of Educational Technology. (UBC - MET, 2011)

Camille’s current role is Learning Leader, Student Services, at Bob Edwards School. In addition to educational technology, her interests include mental health and its impact on teaching and learning. She is pursuing her MEd in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Calgary specializing in Supporting and Enhancing Children’s Mental Health and School Leadership. This website is a repository of some of her course work.

Camille has been married since 2012 to Scott and has two daughters, Maeve (5) and Meara (3). In her limited free time, she likes to crochet and practice other fibre arts such as needle punch and weaving.