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Sep 12 / camilleteaches

September start-up

This week I began my last year in the Master of Educational Technology program at UBC. I have 3 courses left and am starting to anticipate the doors that will be open to me upon completion of this degree, which I believe will be my last. (after 9.5 years of university!) That being said, I am truly a lifelong learner and will most likely keep looking for new opportunities to broaden my horizons! This week also marked the start of my 6th year teaching grade one, French Immersion! So far, so good, with a group of 19 keen students already soaking in the language! My goal for this year is to journal and document more of my teaching on this blog instead of just my course work. I really want to become part of the “edublogger” community and I hope that I can share ideas with other teachers!

The course that I am in this term is ETEC 540: Text Technologies: The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing. One of the exciting aspects of this course is the creation of a Community Weblog that approximately 40 students and our 2 professors will be contributing to. As an introductory activity for this week, we were asked to find an image from flickr (creative commons) that in some way speaks to the issues raised by this course. (text, technology, literacy, reading, writing, printing, media or the intersection of these things) Here is my introductory entry, “A Child’s Alphabet“:

This image is interesting to me because it incorporates type, typography and graphic design.  I admire designers who can incorporate text with images to create something visually appealing.  The vintage look to the design is what first attracted me, however, speaking as a grade one teacher, mastery of the alphabet and letter sounds is critical to the foundation of early literacy, reading and writing.

A Child's Alphabet

photo by Andy Field (Hubmedia)

Hello everyone, my name is Camille Maydonik.  I am a grade one, French Immersion teacher at Westgate Elementary in Calgary, AB.  I am interested in broadening my understanding of literacy in a technological context in the hopes of developing new methods for my young students to learn the French language.  ETEC 540 is my 8th course in the MET program.

Looking forward to learning with you all!


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