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Oct 19 / Camille Maydonik

Core Values Related to Technology

Wordle: 511Fall'09Values

The Wordle posted above is an amalgamation of core values related to technology in education.  These values were posted by the students of ETEC 511 in order to examine their values of educational technology.  Last week, in Module 6, we discussed these values and how teachers, either consciously or unconsciously teach their own values of technology to students.

One of the predominate values was a mode of learning with technology, Augmented Learning.  From our course notes:

Augmented Learning-

Technology augments, enhances, extends or magnifies our senses.  Technology augments the learning process.  The world is given a boost through technology and made more decipherable or perceivable to our senses.  The world is merely amplified, magnified or clarified in the process of augmentation, somewhat like a prosthetic.  This was McLuhan’s notion of media.

Augmented Learning describes technology as a tool that adds to the learning experience and process.  Reflecting on my values of technology in education, and Augmented Learning, helped me to clarify my thoughts around my Philosophy of Educational Technology and my belief that Educational Technology is a tool to be used in order to provide student-centered learning opportunities.

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